Day Trip Anyone?

Mornington Peninsula: We started our trip from Melbourne city at around 10 in the morning. It was a beautiful crisp August morning with, thankfully, lots of sunshine as per the forecast! Me, my husband and my parents head out with just coffee in our systems- in the hopes of stopping at a local cafe on the way for a good hearty Aussie brekkie!

From the city, it took us an hour (around 70 kms) to reach Mornington Peninsule shire –

our first stop? Boyz 4 Breakie! And we were glad we stopped! Had an amazing brunch (they have not paid me to say so!!!). From there, we took some pictures of the amazing coastline. At the far end, we could see the city skyline – small and blurry but a sight to see! In the winter months, the area was very quiet but beautiful! From there, now with our stomachs full and energies restored, we drove to the Enchanted Adventure Garden – less than 20 minutes away. The parents were a bit bored, but I absolutely loved it!! Check it out for sure

We spent good couple of hours at the place (though I could’ve spent the entire day) and then made our way to Cape Schanck, another 15 minutes away by car. This drive itself was an experience. Beautiful winding roads with stunning scenery. One of the things to really look out for is the sky! It is just unreal! Ok, more on that later.

Cape Schanck lighthouse – we clicked pictures, gawked at the scenery, and then frozen to the core, rushed back to the car. I would really want to go back in warmer months and spend longer. Tip: If planning to go in winter, make sure you prepare for the cold wind!

By this time, we were hungry and really wanted to have something warm! The area around Cape Schanck didn’t have (or we didn’t look properly!) many eateries. So we headed to our next destination – glad that we had had a huge brunch! Our next stop was the beautiful town of Sorrento. I CANNOT stress enough, how much I loved this place. We had coffees, sandwiches and vanilla slices at Just Fine Food, Sorrento. It took us only 20 minutes to reach this gem of a town. A walk down the beautiful beach gave us lots of photo opportunities!

From there, we drove back to Melbourne city. This was not the traditional hot springs type day trip but add these to your normal day trip and Advance to this part of Victoria!

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